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Expense Tracking (inside your timesheet)


Users who have time entry access can add or edit expenses. Expenses follow the same approval logic as timesheets. Expenses are approved with timesheets. So when a timesheet is submitted, any expense that is associated to the same client and date range as the timesheet will have the same status (submitted, approved, rejected, etc) as the timesheet.

Note: This expense tracking only applies to expenses created within your timesheet. To understand which expense type you are using click here.

Expenses are created on default expense categories that are setup by an administrator. To setup default expense categories navigate to Setup --> Settings --> Application Settings tab --> Expense Categories tab. When creating an expense you will select an expense category that may or may not have a pre-defined price. An example would be mileage that has a cost per mile. The user would enter the number of miles and the system would then calculate the expense total. You can also add one or more receipts showing the expense.

To add an expense click the green icon shown below. To edit an expense click the edit button shown below. When adding or editing an expense a popup window will show.


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