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Project vs User billing rates


Describes the differences between project rate and user billing rates. These rates can be adjusted on the project setup screen. Adjusting these rates will effect any new invoice and the "User cost vs Billable Cost" report.

Who can access this page?

To edit or add a project, a user must have the "User and Client Management" permission.


Menu Setup Clients Click Add Client or Edit Click Add Project or Edit


  1. User Billing Rate
    When selected the billing rate calculation for reports and invoices will use the user rate which can be adjusted on the user setup screen. You can also override the user rate on the project by clicking the "override user billing rates for this project" radio button.
  2. Project Billing Rate
    When selected the billing rate only uses the entered project rate. No user rates are used for calculations.

User Billing Rate (item A)

Project Billing Rate (item B)



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