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PTO/Vacation Tracking and Accrual

Tracking of PTO (paid time off) accruals and vacation balance can be turned on for your company. You can configure how many days of accrual each employee gets and at what intervals they receive time. Once an employee has been given PTO they can view their PTO balances in the benefits tab located in the my settings area. Also a new PTO report was added which will allow for a user to see their accrual balance or balances of any users they can approve.

To setup PTO accrual, first let the system know which task is going to be your PTO task. From an existing task decide which task is your PTO task and select the task as per the screenshot below. By selecting this task it lets the system know this is your PTO task and it will track PTO balances for it.

Next for any user that receives PTO, setup their accrual calculation rules. The screenshot below shows that this user receives 10 days of PTO per year for the first 3 years. Then after 3 years they receive 15 days of PTO per year. The current amount of PTO used and PTO balance is shown below. 

NOTE: As days are entered, it is assumed 1 day equals 8 hours of time.

So the user knows how much PTO they have available they can view their current balance in the new benefits tab located in the my settings area shown below. This user receives 10 PTO days per year and has 4.27 PTO days accrued.

A new PTO report was added that shows PTO balances and accruals. This report is available to all users and will show your balance or users who you can approve. A screenshot is below.


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