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Giving a user application permissions


Describes how to give users permissions which allow the user to view specific parts of the application.

Who can access this page?

To grant permissions, a user must have User Management permissions.


Menu Setup Users Click Edit Permissions Tab

Permissions (See screenshot below)

  1. Administrator
    Grants the user access to all application setup areas of the application. These areas are company setup, billing, credit card info, and specific reports.
  2. User Manager
    Grants the user access to add, edit, and delete users. This user will be able to see all user information such as user and client billing rates.
  3. Timesheet Entry
    Grants the user access to enter time on a timesheet.
  4. Expenses
    Grants the user access to create expenses.
  5. Dashboard
    Grants the user access to the dashboard. The dashboard gives general high level information about hours worked in a month, client statistics, etc.
  6. Report Access
    Grants the user access to view reports. Depending on what permissions are granted and other security features will determine what reports this user can see.

   Client Manager Permissions (See screenshot below)

    Allows a non user manager to add/edit/delete all or specific clients.
    Note: If this permission is given then the user will see the project billing rates for the assigned clients.


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