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How to enable mobile phone time entry access


Please use the Android or Apple iOS/iPad devices for mobile time entry. Links to download the app to your phone is in the help desk link below. If you do not have an Android or iOS device then the below information about the web enabled access can be used.

Android/iOS/iPad apps

Web enabled mobile time entry

When a mobile device is used to enter time a mobile enhanced timesheet can be used. This enhanced view makes it easier to enter time on any mobile device. The user does have the ability to return to the original non-enhanced view by clicking a link located on the top of each page.

How to Enable Mobile Timesheet Access?

If you are an administrator, there is a checkbox in the settings area called "Allow mobile timesheet access". 

Example Mobile View

The below shows an example of the mobile timesheet enhanced view. Notice the link on the top which allows the user to return to the original non-enhanced timesheet view.

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