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How to enter time


Describes how a user can enter and save time on a weekly basis.

Who can access this page?

Users who have been given time entry access by their administrator. Click here to view how to setup user permissions.


Menu My TimesheetEnter Time Tab

Instructions (See screenshot below)

  1. Add a task to your timesheet
    Click the green + button. This will open a popup window.
  2. Select a task
    Select a client, project, and task from the task selection window. Then click the "Add to Timesheet" button. This will add the task to your timesheet.
  3. Enter time
    Enter your hours worked in the textboxes for each day. Time is entered in decimal hours (ex. 8.0, 7.75, etc). You can optionally add comments for each day by clicking the white comment button located to the right of each textbox.
  4. Save your time
    Click the Save button to save your time.


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