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Timesheet printable version


Describes how to create a printable version of your timesheet. Some clients require timesheets to be printed and hand-signed. The Client Sign-Off Printout page will allow a user to print off a timesheet by month, partial month, or week by client to allow the client to put a signature on the timesheet.

Who can access this page?

Users who have been given time entry access by their administrator. Click here to view how to setup user permissions.


Menu My TimesheetClient Sign-Off Printout

Search Fields(See screenshot below)

Clicking the View Report Button will show the report. Then click the PDF icon to print the report.

  1. Client
    Select the client you want the timesheet to pull hours from.
  2. Expense Type
    Select what type of records should be pulled. Billable, Non-Billable, or both types can be selected.
  3. Day Range
    Select how many days to show on the timesheet. Full month, partial month (1st - 15th), partial month (16th - EOM), or by week.
  4. Date
    Select what date should be used to pull the data. Depending on what day range was selected will determine if a month or date is required.
  5. Run Report
    Click the View Report button and the tiemsheet will be generated below. To print, click the PDF icon to print or save the document.


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