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How to approve time


Describes how to approve a submitted timesheet.

Who can access this page?

To approve a timesheet, a user must have approval access. Click here to view how to setup a user to approve time.


Menu ApprovalApprove Timesheets

Instructions (See screenshot below)

  1. View the Banner
    The banner on the top of the screen will show how many timesheets are awaiting approval. The example below shows that their are two timesheets awaiting approval. Once all timesheets are approved, the banner will turn green indicating all timesheets have been approved.
  2. Approval
    You can approve timesheets individually or as a group. To approve individually click the Approve button. To approve as a group, check each row you want to approve, then click the Approve Selected button. This will popup a window.
  3. Final Approval Process
    Verify the time and date range. Optionally add a comment if needed. Then click the Approve Timesheet button and the timesheet(s) will be approved.


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