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How to re-open a timesheet that is approved


Describes how to re-open a timesheet. The only time a timesheet can be re-opened is after it has been approved. Normally re-opening a timesheet should not be done unless their was an issue with the time that was not caught when it was approved. When the timesheet is re-opened it will then be editable so the user can fix the reason it was re-opened.

Who can access this page?

To approve a timesheet, a user must have approval access. Click here to view how to setup a user to approve time.


Menu ApprovalApproved Timesheets tab

Instructions (See screenshot below)

  1. Re-Open the Timesheet
    Find the timesheet you wish to reject and click the ReOpen button. This will popup a window.
  2. Final Re-Open Process
    Verify the time and date range. Optionally add a comment if needed as why you are re-opening this timesheet. Then click the Re-Open Timesheet button and the timesheet will be re-opened. The timesheet will now be editable so the user can change the timesheet and fix the reason it was re-opened.


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