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How to edit and submit a timesheet for someone else if I am an approver


If you are an approver then you may have the ability to save and submit your employee's timesheet if this option is turned on. To allow this a setting needs to be turned on by your system administrator. When the setting shown below is turned on, the approver will be given a dropdown on their timesheet which allows them to view, edit, and submit another users timesheet they have the permission to approve for.

Note that if this setting is turned on this will give access for an approver to see all clients the user has access too. So if you have an approver who can only approve a specific client, and the employee has logged time under different clients that the approver does not have approval access too, they will be able to see and approve for this. Typically this situation only applies if the approver is not an employee of your company. If this situation applies to your company, then depending on your situation you may not want to turn this on.

Enable the timesheet override setting for all approvers

Menu Setup Settings  Display Settings General Defaults

timesheet override

Viewing and editing a users timesheet other than your own

 timesheet override audit

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