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I cannot find a project to assign an expense too


When creating an expense you cannot find a project to assign the expense too.

What must be done?

You must be assigned to at least one task under a project to allow this access. Your administrator or user administrator can assign this task access.

Where to assign task access

Menu SetupClients Select a Client Select a Project Select a Task

Instructions (See screenshot below)

  1. Edit a task
    The task grid shows all tasks assigned to the currently selected project. Click the edit button to edit a task which will popup a window.
  2. Edit Assignments
    Click the task assignment tab. Here you can assign the task to all users or for only selected users. In the scenario below the task is assigned to specific users so only Bill Miller and George Brown will be able to see these tasks.
  3. Save
    Click the Update button to save your changes.


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