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Which plan type should I select (free or business)?


Timogix has two plans. A free plan which is completely free and a business plan which is $3.00 per user per month.

Free Plan
This plan allows for 3 active users. This plan is completely free, no credit card required.  If you ever have more than 3 active users you will need to subscribe to the business plan.
Business Plan
The business plan is for companies with more than 3 active users. An active user is any user that can login to Timogix. To understand more about what an active user is click here for an article on archiving users. To subscribe to the business plan you will need to enter the number of active users and then click the Update Plan button as per the screenshot below. Notice on the screenshot below that it shows how many active users you have, so normally you would enter that number or more if you want a cushion. In this example the Timogix system shows that you have 8 active users, so in the text box you would enter 8 (or more if wanted) and click the Update Plan button. This would create the business plan where your credit card would be billed $24.00 per month.


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